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Halifax Pop reviews Ain’t No Love

Darrell October 22, 2012 No Comments
Halifax Pop reviews Ain’t No Love
Halifax Pop Aint No Love

Aint No love Halifax Pop 2012

Total Score: 7.6/10

stage presence
image/sex appeal
musical ability
crowd reaction

Who: Ain’t No Love
Where: Reflections Cabaret, Haifax NS
When: October 18 2012 @9pm

Crowd: Reflections is a huge venue as far as Pop Explosion is concerned, and the early set time resulted in only about 40 skateboarding hip hop kids. Everyone else missed out.

Style: Hip Hop

Technicalities: Super energetic, with a great stage presence. Lots of bass, as to be expected. I felt that the DJ got drowned out a little with all the vocalists spitting rhymes, though.

Memorable Moment: Female vocalist Saidah Conrad started the set on stage alone, which had me thinking this was a sultry R&B group. Moments later, MCs 1990 and Beanz bounded onto the stage and tour up the first track, turning it from smooth R&B to a bangin’ hip hop jam.

Sex Appeal: Saidah Conrad -She was smokin’!

Memorable Song: “Love Me Lots” had a really slick progression.

Comments: Really awesome with impressive rhymes, but disorganized on set.

Photos and Review By: Cody Spence


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